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Nile Albright Research Foundation

The Advanced Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) was established in 1974 to help discover and pursue better techniques to diagnose and treat cancer.  Research and educational projects are carried out in the Metro Boston area with global presentation in national and international scientific journals. The newly renamed Nile Albright Research Foundation honors Dr. Albright and his commitment to cancer research.


Many Laboratories. One Cause.

There is immense need for improved cancer treatment. Smallpox, polio and tuberculosis were overcome by the sustained and brilliant work of thousands of dedicated people. With ongoing support, our continuous search for knowledge will lead us to the solutions we seek to develop cures for cancer.

As one participant in this great effort, Nile Albright Research Foundation is growing and we are  expanding the breadth of our research. Our significant past achievements have laid the current groundwork for cancer breakthroughs we see on the horizon.

Towards this goal, the acquisition of new knowledge is vital and the need to bring this knowledge to patient bedside care is equally so. As a leader in Boston and nationwide, Nile Albright Research Foundation is committed to reaching these goals and finding ways to improve treatment cures for cancer.


Our Research Focus


Stem Cells

We specialize in research in this rapidly changing field of human cancer stem cells.

Pelvic Cancers

The epithelial and stromal cell function are our focus on that help us understand the formation of pelvic cancers.


Our colleagues at Children's Hospital have discovered patterns in over 33 matrix metallo proteases (MMP’s).

News & Events

  • Hollis L. Albright, MD ’31 Symposium
    Tue, Mar 22
    Virtual Event
    The HLA Symposium begins with a presentation by the Dean highlighting, “What’s New at Harvard Medical School,” followed by distinguished speakers and guests. In addition, an award for an outstanding third or fourth year student pursuing surgical sciences will be presented at the symposium each year.
  • Lee and Nile Albright Annual Symposium
    Mon, Nov 15
    The Museum of Science welcomed Dr. Priscilla Chan, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, for a special one-night only Lee and Nile Albright Annual Symposium. View the event here:


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By donating to the Nile Albright Research Foundation you are supporting the extraordinary community of scientists from the labs at Children's Hospital, the Whitehead Institute, MGH, Harvard Medical School and The Broad Institute. Your donation, however small, is vital to our continued efforts. 

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