Since 1974

The Nile Albright Research Foundation is dedicated to providing multiple Boston area labs the funding they need to make game-changing discoveries in cancer treatments, detection and, ultimately, a cure for all types of cancer.

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Founders, Directors
& Staff

Hollis L. Albright founded the Advanced Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) in 1974 to help discover and pursue better techniques to diagnose and treat cancer. In 2021 AMRF was renamed in honor of his son, Dr. Nile Albright, for his commitment to its cause.


Hollis L. Albright, M.D.


For over sixty years, Hollis L. Albright, M.D.’31 dedicated his life to surgery, patient care and the students he mentored. In recognition of his life long achievements, and to foster the values he cherished most, the Foundation has established an endowed Symposium, to be held each year, high-lighting new scientific initiatives and advances at Harvard Medical School.


Nile L. Albright, M.D.


Dr. Nile Albright, M.D. is a surgical oncology doctor who practiced in Brookline, MA for over 50 years. Since retiring from the practice of medicine, his dedication to research continues through the activity of the Foundation and it's ongoing efforts to improve treatment and cures for cancer. 


Martina B. Albright, Ph.D.


Dr. Albright received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Harvard College and a Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from New York University. After many years as a consultant, she assumed the Director role in 2019. 


Priscilla Green


Ms. Green came on board in 2019. As Administrator, she manages the daily operations and communications while monitoring the financial health of the Foundation. Ms. Green received her Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Wesleyan University.