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​Hollis L. Albright, MD ’31 Symposium

Each spring, this symposium highlights new scientific initiatives at Harvard Medical School. 

Friday, March 31, 2023 Noon–1 p.m. ET | 9–10 a.m. PT 

Excellence in Innovation: HMS Confronts the World’s Mental Health Crisis


2023 Speaker: 

Vikram Patel, MBBS, MSc, PhD
Pershing Square Professor of Global Health
Harvard Medical School


2023 Albright Scholar Award Recipients; 
Colby J. Hyland, MD Class of 2023
Akash Premkumar, MD Class of 2023 




Drs. Nile and Tenley Albright

HLA Symposium

For over sixty years, Hollis L. Albright, M.D.’31 dedicated his life to surgery, patient care and the students he mentored. In recognition of his life-long achievements, and, to foster the values he cherished most, his children, Tenley E. Albright, M.D.’61 and Nile L. Albright AB’61, M.D., have established an endowed Symposium. Held each year, the Symposium highlights new scientific initiatives and advances at Harvard Medical School.


The Symposium begins with a presentation by the Dean highlighting “What’s New at Harvard Medical School,” followed by distinguished speakers and guests. In addition, an award is given to an outstanding third or fourth year student pursuing surgical sciences.

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